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Riding came before walking for me.  My family has always raised cattle & horses.  My grandpa Wayne carried the 222 Triple Deuce brand on all of his stock. Luckily he passed it down to me, & now I get to stamp all mine with it! Along with the best family & trainers, I was blessed enough to grow up on the back of some good horses!  Now that feeling is what I strive for! My horse obsession started to show early on & at 24 years old not a single thing has changed! The competitive side of things started way back in 4-H. I was instantly hooked, & I quickly moved on to showing paint horses at all levels. Winning & having fancy horses always was & still is the main goal. Soon after showing, came rodeo.  First was JR rodeo & then High School rodeo.  I qualified all 4 years to the National High School Rodeo Finals.  I was lucky enough to College Rodeo for New Mexico State University on a rodeo scholarship.  There I studied Animal Science and worked at Jenson Equine Hospital. During that time I also qualified 3 years to the College Nationals Finals Rodeo in the Barrels and Breakaway. Soon after college, I decided I wanted to pursue my dreams of training & selling horses and making it a business. Teaching kids through horses has also been a passion of mine, so I started giving riding lessons & it all goes up from there! Not only do I always have a set of good horses around, but I really spend my time on making all around kids ponies!  I’m now known as the pony queen, & I wouldn’t have it any other way!  If you’re looking to buy, sell, or trade, I’m your girl!

~ Anna Christine  222 Triple Deuce Equine LLC

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